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Women of the Square Mile

Putting the Female Customer First: a £133 billion opportunity for Financial Services

Some of the most successful businesses today are those that put the customer at the heart of all their decisions. Businesses should be a true reflection of the customers they are trying to speak to and so building an inclusive and diverse business today should be as much about your customer experience as it is about your employee experience. In this session we will be closing the day out by reflecting on the impact that fostering an inclusive environment can have not only for your employees, but for your customers as well. Our research has found that financial institutions in the UK alone have a £133 billion opportunity in re-thinking how they engage their female customers. Yet while the business case is clear, how to realise this often isn’t for financial services brands. We will touch on how the answer calls for a more nuanced approach that resonates with all customers, not just females, and reflects the reality of our society to engage with gender in a way that is both progressive and authentic.